Denon DN-045R

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Denon DN-045RProfessional MiniDisc Replicator
Intro: 1
data: 9pin RS-232C/422A482x88x252mm 6.6Kg


  • Direct digital-to-digital dubbing at 3.5 times real time, bypassing ATRAC.
  • Defragmentation can be performed during copying.
  • Windows software provided to allow editing through unit's serial interface.
  • Source and destination drives housed in one cabinet.
  • Recording status display.
  • Overwrite warning.
A few notes from the manual: The DN-045R is provided with serial remote control software (ACD-20). When the DN-045R is connected to a personal computer, the following operations are possible in addition to erasing and copying using the controls on the front panel:
  • Adding recordings to partially recorded discs.
  • Selecting tracks from the master disc and only copying the necessary tracks.
  • Copying the tracks from the master disc in a different order.
  • Recording disc and track names on the slave disc.

Links: RF Specialties Group's full information page for this unit. A ProStudio news article covers this unit also. Denon's page for this unit.


User Manual: DN-045R

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