Denon DN-80R

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Denon DN-80RProfessional Portable MiniDisc Recorder
Intro: 11/1996
Data: Rs-232C. Analog in: Mic/Line on XLR. Analog out: unbalanced line. Digital in: AES/EBU, coax. Digital out: AES/EBU, coax.222 x 85 x 272 mm 3.5kg w/batt, 2.8kg w/o

Features: DN-80R is a portable Mini Disk recorder designed for ENG applications. It can be used in 148 minute mono as well as 74 minute stereo mode. A standard video camera battery NP-23dx will provide up to 148 minutes of operation. Connections include an RS-232C serial port with a switchable baud rate for use with ACD-19 control software. This allows editing from a lap-top PC. Other features: Mic att. 0/-30dB switchable, Monitor speaker, 40 second memory buffer, bomb proof.

Links: ProStudio & Live Audio's capsule review of this unit. Denon's home page for this unit.


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