Aiwa XR-H3MD

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Aiwa XR-H3MDMD Bookshelf System
Intro: 1
Street: ¥41,200
in: line. out: optical, speakers (front+surround+super woofer)main unit: 260x340x346.5mm 6.8Kg, speaker: 235x335x250mm, 3.6Kg

Features: First MD bookshelf system available in North America. MD/3-CD changer/2-Cassette ``basic'' bookshelf system. High speed (2x) MD playback mode. Mono recording. 3CD changer is convenient for editing to MD. ``Music genre position.'' Jog dial. Auto vocal fader/mic mixing function. ``AI/program edit''. Diary and sleep timer functions. Double cassette deck (playback 1 way + playback 1 way). Bass boost. Amp: 60 watts

Problems: A user notes problems playing certain discs in the unit.

Links: Aiwa's Japanese page for this unit. Best Buy's page for this unit. Tom Kroh contributes comments on the Aiwa XR-H3MD system. Scans of French adverts for the Aiwa H3 and H6 systems.


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