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All, XR-MJ1, ADN-1, XR-W88MD, FD3, LCX-MD250, XR-MD310, MD520, HG2MD, LCX-MD210, XR-MD90, MDS7, H770MD, MD110, MD500, MD100, H66MD, H33MD, H3MD, H550MD, MD510

Aiwa XR-HG2MDMD mini system
Intro: 7/2000
IN: Video/aux, digital in
OUT: headphones, optical digital
Main unit: 260 W x 329 H x 344 D (mm)/6.5kg
Speakers (each): 220 W x 324 H x 200 D (mm)/2.2kg

Features: 3 CD, 1 MD, dual cassette mini system. One-touch recording feature, 2X dubbing, random record feature that records CD tracks in a random order, can title MDs with the remote, simultaneous recording to MD and cassette,

Links: Aiwa's English page for this unit.

Specs: 15W+15W amplifier, 100VAC, world-band FM radio (FM 76-108 MHz),


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