The H3MD Aiwa Recording Stereo System

Aiwa, subsidiary of Sony, has created a user friendly Minidisc recording system.

Tom Kroh ([email protected])


I use this machine almost everyday, what makes it so unique is the ability to make exact DIGITAL recordings without the fuss of cables. I own an MZ-E40, and wanted this machine to function as my minidisc recording studio.

The Advanced Slot-In Design makes inserting an MD easy, though the TOC reading is actually a little slower than my MZ-E40. Not only will this unit display the MD title, when moving to a track in STOP mode the song title is also displayed.

My opinion is quite simple: This system is of high quality, something I expect for an odd sum of $700. Aiwa could have made the TOC readings faster, but I have no complaints. Digital recordings are a breeze. When recording from cassette to MD, rewind the cassette, push play, push ANOLOGUE MD RECORD, then the SET button. When recording from MD to cassette, program your tracks, push play, then push CASSETTE RECORD.

My recommendation: Buy this system if you're after ease of use, not advanced experimental research.

Key Features

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