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Aiwa CSD-NS5MDDesktop AM/FM/CD/MD system
Intro: 6/2001
OUT: headphones482w x 168h x 231d mm, 5.9Kg

Features: Understated, KLH-like good looks. MDLP and group function support. 2X CD->MD dubbing. Virtual QSURROUND for 4 channel effects with 2 speakers. 3-way timer (record/playback/sleep). FM synthesized tuner. Music "genre" eq settings ("ROCK/POP/JAZZ"). T-Bass (bass boost?) function. Auto-loudness function. Constructed of MDF. (Aiwa: Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF): This manmade material is composed of super-fine fibers that are bonded through heat and an adhesive agent under intense pressure. It offers high rigidity and uniform density, making it the optimum material for speaker cabinets as it does not distort the sound and reduces resonance of the cabinet itself. )

Notes: (A footnote on the page hints at one incompatability of the group function: An MD recorded with the MD group function may not play back if the tracks have been edited with audio equipment not compatible with the MD group function.)


Specs: Amp: 10W+10W, Speakers: 100mm cone. World band tuner (FM: 76-108MHz, AM:530-1719kHz 9/10kHz step)


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