Sony MDS-E11

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Sony MDS-E11Rack mount Pro MD Deck
Intro: 2
MSRP $750
IN: line (unbalanced RCA + balanced AES), coax. OUT: line (unbalanced RCA + balanced AES), coax, headphone.482x44x376mm, 5.1kg

Features: When coupled with other E11 units can perform relay-play and relay-record. 9 Pin parallel interface allows external control (see pp 31-33 of manual, below). RS232C control port also present (but control codes not present in manual). RM-D5ME wired/wireless remote.


  • Sony UK dealer Total Audio's MDS-E11 page has free RS-232 control software for the MDS-E11 that allows track titling, playlists, remote control, etc.
  • Sony MDS-E11 pro decks are used in HDNet's mobile studios (HDNet is the USA's first all-HDTV network, broadcasting on DirectTV channel 199).


Specs: Freq. Resp.: 5-20kHz +/-0.5dB, SNR: >92dB. Headphone amp: 10mW

User Manuals: MDS-E11, RS232 protocol

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