Sharp MD-ST77

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Sharp MD-ST77portable MD player
Intro: 12/2000
OUT: headphones78.0D x 71.0W x 12.7H mm, 93g

Features: Three different-colored LEDs indicate the current play mode the MD is in (SP, LP2, LP4). Battery recharges in charge stand, backlit LCD remote, 40-second anti-shock protection (provides 160-second protection in LP4 mode).

Links: Sharp's Japanese press release for the MD-ST77. The MiniDisc T-Station adds a page for the MD-ST77 to their site.

(battery times shown show SP/LP2/LP4)


Battery LifePlayRecharge
NiMH21/28/33 hr3.5 hr
AA x 133/46/50 hr
Both62/80/100 hr

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