Pioneer X-RMX9MD

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Pioneer X-RMX9MDBookshelf DJ system
Intro: 7
MSRP ¥185,000
in: line, opticalx2, out: line210x75x269.5, 2kg

Features: MD features: Cut-in/A-B Combine/UNDO/Auto Fade-In/A.S.E.S. (Auto Synchro Editing System), Long Time Recording.
(The following taken from the Pioneer page)

  1. Two Individual CD players. The individual CD players provide a pitch and speed playback within a range of +/- 10 percent compared to regular CD playback.
  2. Separate Digital Remix Control Mixer. The separate Digital Remix Control Mixer will allow full control of music mixing with the two individual CD players. Each feature is as follows.
    1. Cross Fader. The Cross Fader will allow one to go back and forth between the two CD players to allow smooth cut-ins and music connections.
    2. Tempo Control. A DJ-standard long-stroke slide controls pitch and speed within a range of +/- 10 percent.
    3. Auto BPM Counter. The Beat-Per-Minute Counter measures the BPM of vertically all kinds of dance music, enabling you to check the tempo at a glance.
    4. Master Tempo. The Master Tempo control locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo is changed. One can speed up or slow the beat with no change in vocal and instrument tone.
    5. Easy Cue Point Correction. Correction of the cue point is fast and accurate. A turn of the large quick-response Jog Dial allows one to make a frame-to-frame (1/75 sec.) search of the CD for the exact cue point you want.
    6. Loop Function. Any phrase of the CD can be sampled and seamlessly looped as many times as desired.
    7. Sound Affect Control. Seven types of sound effects (see No.3 ) and can be controlled on command.
  3. Remix Effecter(Sound Effect & DJ Equalizer). The Remix Effecter will allow, digitally reproduced sound effections to decorate one's music and also allowing simple corrections, emphasis or even elimination of different sound characteristics. Each sound effect and features are as follows.
    1. Sound Effects
      • Delay - a single repeat can be overlaid over the track
      • Echo - repeating overlaying beats can be overlaid over the track
      • Auto Pan - the left-right balance can be changed.
      • Flanger - synthesizer tones can be produced.
      • Pitch Shifter - +/- 40 percent of sound alternation can be produced
      • Old Record - sound reproduction can be made at an "Old Record" tone
      • Sampler - equipped with a maximum of 2.8 sec. sampling memory
    2. Auto-Beat Effect. The seven types of Sound Effects will be automatically linked to the tempo and rhythm.
    3. 3-Band Equalizer. The tone can be adjusted to your optimum level to set your favorite beat in low,mid,or high range ( from +6db to -18db ).
    4. Other Features
      1. Headphone Output. Monitoring each CD player and it's overlaid sound will be allowed by headphone.
      2. Fader Start Play. By shifting the Cross Fader towards the CD player set to be used next, the CD player will automatically override the Pause control and start the music to allow a smooth music connection.

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