Onkyo MD-P10


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Onkyo MD-P10
Sharp MD-ST501
Onkyo MD-P10
Pioneer PMD-P3/RMX1
Portable MD player
Intro: 12/1997
MSRP ¥38,000
headphones, DC i n82.8 x 17.9 x 75.8 mm 136 g (w/bat)

Features: Clamshell (not slot-in) disc loading. MD ''jacket size'' and thickness of 2 MD jackets. 40 second shock memory. Back lit remote. 8 hours playback on single LiIon battery. 6 hours on single AA cell, 14 hours on both together. Available in white, blue and yellow. Clear plastic ("skeleton") remote. Headphone amp: 5mW + 5mW (32ohms). Power: 3.6v (LiIon rechargeable), 1.5v (1 AA cell), 4.5v (car adapter), 5.0v (AC adapter). Includes: remote, LiIon rechargeable, AA case, headphones (button?) AC adapter, carrying case.

Links: Sharp's Japanese page and news release for the unit. Nic Boyde's page for the ST501 and Onkyo MD-P10 [Sharp MD-ST501 clone]. Nick Riley's photos and comments on the Sharp MD-ST501 portable player. Sharp's Audiofair Report with pictures and blurbs on the MD-ST501 portable player. Pioneer's Japanese announcement and photos of their PMD-P3 MD player (a Sharp ST501 clone). The PMD-RMX1 variant comes with fancy ``DJ'' headphones. Tugrul Tanyol has conducted a comparison of the Sony MZ-E35 and Sharp ST501 portable MD players.

Notes: Pioneer PDM-RMX1 includes ``Original Dynamic Headphones'' for DJ use.


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