Kenwood DMC-L7R

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Kenwood DMC-L7R
Sharp MD-MT831
Sharp MD-MT832
Kenwood DMC-L7R
Portable MD Recorder
Intro: 8/1999
MSRP ¥46,000/49,000
IN: mic, line/optical. OUT: line/headphones. DC IN: 3.3-5.0VDCW 79.4 x H 17.9 x D 81.1mm, 163g (w/rechargeable)

Features: Sharp claims 7 records for the unit:

  1. Smallest and thinnest recorder (as of 7/99), 13% smaller and 14% thinner than previous MD-MT821 model.
  2. Longest playing recorder (employs 7th generation ATRAC chip using .25 micron process that, along with high speed disc drive circuit and mechanism, was designed for low power consumption).
  3. First portable recorder with recharging stand (no audio or control connections via cradle, however unit can record and playback while recharging in stand).
  4. First portable recorder with Kanji display on remote (832's remote shows Kanji, 831's does not, though Kanji remote is available as an option). Remote is backlit and can display 5 Kanji or Hiragana, or 10 Katakana or Roman letters.
  5. First portable recorder with optional PC (AD-PCR1) and Zaurus (AD-ZAR1) link. Via this link, titling (including Kanji input) and editing can be conducted, as well as program play selection, label printing, and MD library management. For label printing, 8 patterns are available, as well as the ability to include digital camera images. Name application can be downloaded from Sharp's home page
  6. First portable recorder with digital recording level control.
  7. First portable recorder with auto fade in and fade out during recording start and finish. Will automatically fade out level as recording encounters end of disc (3 step fade time selector)
40 second shock memory, Sharp ATRAC 6, sampling rate converter, mono 2X playback mode. Mic, line, digital synchro start. 20 bit ADC and DAC. Digital X-Bass boost. Play modes: random, random repeat, 1 repeat, all repeat. Hand strap. Colors: 831: antique silver & deep blue, 832: sunbeam silver.



Entering Service mode: Do be careful! It's pretty similar to most of the other Sharp portables but the battery compartment must be OPEN - i.e. the unit must have NO POWER. 1) Press and hold PLAY, SYNC[Enter] and DISP buttons. 2) THEN drop in the battery and close the compartment (or apply external power - eg turn on the DC power source). Display shows the EEPROM version code, followed by all symbols lighting up, followed by the standard Sharp test menu. My EEPROM version code is 921AcX. -Dave Hooper Gadget Squad reviews the Sharp MD-MT831, with favorable findings.

Specs: Motor speed: 400-1350 rpm, headphone amp: 10mW + 10mW * Headphone volume at 0 during recording and 15 during playback.

User Manual: MD-MT831 courtesy Robert Schwartz

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon AD-T51BT14.5 hr9.5 hr3 hr on AC adapter
4 hr on stand
AA x 111.5 hr4.5 hr
Both26 hr14 hr

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