Kenwood DMC-E7R

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Sharp MD-M25
Denon DMP-R30
Kenwood DMC-E7R
portable recorder
Intro: 9/1995
msrp: $600(sharp)
in: optical/line, mic. out: optical, hdphn/line. ext. pwr: 4.5V84x26.8x106mm, 265g w/bat.

Features: Sharp ATRAC 2. Track/disc titling. Track delete move, join, divide. Sampling rate converter, st/mono recording. 1 bit AD and DA. Defeatable beep (hold bass boost button). Nearly identical in features to the Sharp MD-M20 (the MD-M20 kit included the AD-M20BC 6AA cell case as standard). Accessories: AD-M20BC 6AA cell case, AD-M20CK car mount kit (¥13,000, includes base mounting unit, car power cord, cassette adapter, 2 velcro strips. Mounts on center console). Battery: AD-M20BT Lithium Ion rechargeable (¥5000).

Links: User's review and comparison with MZ-R3.

Specs: Headphone jack supplies 10mW+10mW into 16ohm load, or 275mV line level (@-12dB) into 50kohm load.


User Manual: MD-M25

Battery LifePlayRecord
LiIon AD-M20BT3.5 hr2.5 hr
AA x 6
Both16 hr12 hr

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