All, XM-R700, R70, R2, R1, D1

JVC XM-D1Quasi-portable recorder
Intro: 12/1993 (US)
MSRP $1300/¥98,000
street ¥39,800
Optical (toslink) in & out, Line in & out, Mic in, headphone out.20 x 14 x 6 cm

Features: ATRAC 1. AC power or Ni-Cad [JVC camcorder] battery operation. Large (3-3.5"), tiltable, backlit, 16 character EL display (reportedly quite bright). Slot-in disc loading. 12 button keypad and jog wheel on main unit (for AMS). Allows up to 32 character title input. Timer Play/Record (set start and stop times). Manual and automatic mic level recording. Dual L/R dB meters on display. Small 24 button wireless remote has simple playback, record and synchro-record functions (no record editing or track titling). Date and Time stamp recording (though clock must be reset on battery changes). Program, random, and 15 second intro (called ``Music Scan'' nowadays) play mode. Body color: dark gray. Battery life on 6V NiCad battery: playback 100min, record: 80min. Optional car battery cord: JVC AP-V7.

User comments: Too large to be considered a portable, even though it is a portable/home/car unit.


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