Aiwa CSD-MD15

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Aiwa CSD-MD15MD/CD/Cass/AM/FM boombox
Intro: 10/2000
open price
OUT: headphones324 W x 196 H x 282.9 D (mm), 3.8 kg

Features: MD/CD/Radio/Cassette boombox. 2X CD-to-MD dubbing, CD->MD synchronized recording, double-speed playback, multi-jog dial for titling, can title MD tracks while recording, alarm/sleep/timer, QSurround, support for CD-R/RW playback, preprogrammed equalizer. Due to copyright protection, the same CD cannot be recorded in double-speed within 74 minutes of start of double-speed recording.

Links: Aiwa's English page for the CSD-MD15.

Specs: 2.5W per channel output, 77mm cone. World-band radio FM (76-108MHz). 100VAC 50/60Hz household current, 12VDC batteries (C x 8).


Battery LifePlayRecord
C x 85-6.5 hr2.5-4 hr

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