Aiwa AM-F65/F70

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Aiwa AM-F65
Aiwa AM-F70
Portable MD recorder
Intro: 12/1998
MSRP ¥42,000
IN: line/optical, mic. OUT: line/headphone77.6 x 19.3 x 97mm, 187g (w/rechargeable cell)


  • Backlit 10 character LCD on remote as well as backlit LCD and control buttons on body.
  • Large style jog dial for inputting disc and track titles (up to 50 characters).
  • High speed (2x) playback mode for mono or stereo recordings with no pitch change.
  • Title search function allows another track to be selected by name while unit is playing.
  • Divide function has rehearsal mode (as MD decks do) that repeatedly plays 3 second segment at divide point, allowing divide point to be moved with AMS knob or << and >> keys (edit point step size is 60ms).
  • Synchro start recording from digital and analog sources.
  • Repeat 1, all, shuffle and 25 track program play mode.
  • 40 second shock memory, sampling rate converter.
  • 1 bit DAC/ADC.
  • Date and time stamp recording.
  • Time mark function can automatically make a track mark every 5 minutes.
  • Bass boost.
  • 3 step battery life indicator on main body as well as remote.
  • Included accessories: LCD remote, stereo headphone, one point microphone, AC adapter (AC-D401 [AC-D401U in US]), LiIon cell, Dry cell case (for AAx3), Carrying pouch, Neck strap.
  • Color: gold.
  • US, UK (& European?) units omit neck strap and one point microphone, US units replace earbuds with 'swoops' (HP-M038), which are behind-the-head street-style headphones.

Variants: The Aiwa AM-F65 has been released in Europe, it is nearly identical to the AM-F70 but has no backlight on the main unit's LCD panel, has no LCD panel on remote, and comes without dry cell case (for AAx3).


  • When you're in titling mode, hit the shift button (also the search button) right above the jog dial to choose between the uppercase, lowercase, and symbol character sets. -Ian McFarlane
  • Record-pause (and hence record mode) can be activated from the remote. To activate from stop mode, hold down the MODE button on the remote for at least 2 seconds, then press the PLAY/PAUSE button. The recorder will then be in record-pause, to commence recording, push the PLAY/PAUSE button again. Also while in pause mode you can use the MODE button to access the recording options (record level, auto track marks, etc) as normal. -Brian Youn


Specs: Freq. resp: 20-20kHz +/-1dB @ 10KOhm. Headphone amp: 10mw + 10mw


User Manual: AM-F65 Electronic Shopping Mall

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon10 hr4 hr2 hr
AA x 325 hr10 hr
Both40 hr16 hr

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