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AIWA Service Technical Information
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For models   Subject   Size File
XR-H330MD   Sound leakage from the High-Tone speaker during the use of the headphone set   0 kb
AM-C80/F80/C75/F75/F72   No power   0 kb
XR-HG5MD   Notes on replacing m-COM   40 kb
XR-H66MD   MD does not operate   12 kb
AM-C80 / F80 / F75   Come-off of screws fixing the mechanism chassis   97 kb
XR-MD710   MD door does not open. CD "ELV.ERROR" message appears   30 kb
CSD-MD5/MD30/MD50/MD70   MD unit does not operate (mechanism lockup)   22 kb
AM-HX50 / HX55   Noise heard on headphones during playback operation   139 kb
CSD-MD30 / MD50 / MD70 XR-MD100 / MD101 / MD200 / MD201 / H220MD   Precautions on Repairing MD Mechanisms   34 kb
CSD-MD30 / MD50 / MD70 XR-MD100 / MD101 / MD200 / MD201   New MD mechanisms   40 kb
CSD-MD5   Sound Distortion   104 kb
AM-HX50 / HX55   Loose PICK UP prism. Warnings when replacing PICK UP   46 kb
AM-HX50 / HX55   Come off screw of HP JACK   152 kb
MD Mechanism 3ZG-5   Warnings when replacing SHAFT, PU GUIDE A and HLDR, PU GUIDE A   64 kb
Models Incorporating MD Mechanism   EEP-ROM Initialization Method   7 kb
CSD MD30 -   Additional description in service manual   4 kb
CSD-MD5   Correction in service manual   5 kb
AM-F70 / F65   Changes of component values in motor drive circuit -   77 kb
XR-MD90 EZ   Noise at tuner function   10 kb
CSD-MD50   Clock becomes loses only in ECO mode   141 kb
AM-HX50 / HX55   Extension jig PWB MAIN   64 kb
AM-HX50 / HX55   With specific disc, unable to read TOC "DISC ERROR" appears   15 kb
AM-F5 / F7 / F70 / F65   Adjustment procedures of OWH(Over Write Head) position   153 kb
XR-MD85 EZ   Tape stop at FM recording   12 kb
AM-F70 / F65   "Caution!" display appears.   71 kb