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Sony PDF-5Personal Document File
Intro: 1
MSRP Y135,000
printer: centronics, outboard scanner: minidin8p308 x 255 x 56 mm, 2.6kg

Features: Built in scanner reads documents at about 4 seconds per page. Stores about 1000 documents on a single MD Data disc. You can see small letters and pictures clearly with its high resolution LCD display. Can be controlled simply through a graphical user interface with a stylus on the touch sensitive screen. Seperately available "Handy Scanner" can be used to scan book pages and documents which cannot be inserted in the onboard scanner. Printer available separately. Software is available to allow MD Data drive owners to read documents into a Mac or PC.

Specs: 9 inch 640x480 3-bit (8 gray level) monochrome display. Document access speed: about 1 sec. Built in scanner: sheet feed type, max A4, max 0.1mm thick (card thickness max 0.4mm). Resolution 8points/mm, 8lines/mm (~200DPI). Scanning modes: character/image.

Links: Sony Japan page.


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