Sony MZ-M10/RH910

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Sony MZ-RH910
Sony MZ-M10
portable Hi-MD/MP3 recorder
Intro: 4/2005
MSRP: € 250
In: line/optical, mic. Out: headphones. Data: USB


  • Digital amp
  • Plays back MP3 files
  • USB bus powered

Markets: US, Europe

Manufacturer's Feature List:

  • HI-MD WALKMAN with large 5 line LCD display
  • MP3 / Atrac3plus direct playback
  • SonicStage for easy music management and unlimited check outs of your favourite tracks
  • Supports all popular digital audio compression formats: ATRAC / MP3 / WMA / WAV
  • New type remote control
  • Record from multiple source: USB-in / Mic-in / Analogue-in / Digital-in
  • Extremely fast music transfer from and to PC: 1 CD in less than 40 seconds
  • Capable of storing audio, video and data files on your HI-MD disc (Word, Powerpoint, ATRAC, MP3, JPEG, MPEG, etc)
  • Incl. Rechargeable batt., Charging stand, AC Power Adpater
  • Long battery life of 25 hours
  • G-PROTECTION Jog Proof
  • Transfer up to 45 CDs onto a single 1GB Hi-MD disc (with Atrac3Plus compression).


Variants: MZ-M10 model adds Macintosh support (upload PCM recordings as .wav files) and includes a Sony ECM-DS70P microphone but is otherwise identical to the MZ-RH910


Service Manuals: MZ-RH910, MZ-RH910

Battery LifePlay
NiMH25 hr

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