Sony LAM-X1

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Sony LAM-X1Bookshelf AM/FM/CD/Hi-MD system
Intro: 06/2004

Data: USB (mini b). Out: speakers, headphones272w x 226h x 231d mm, (main unit: 80w x 226h x 231d mm, speaker: 96w x 163h x 193dmm), 3Kg


  • CD to MD recording: 6X (Hi-LP), 4X (Hi-SP, SP, LP2, LP4, Linear PCM)
  • A CDs tracks are automatically placed in groups when recording albums.
  • Virtual Phone Technology
  • 4 line display with Roman/Kanji/Hiragana support (Kanji/Hirgana input via PC only).
  • Kanji/Hiragana titling from PC only.
  • Common to Hi-MD recorders:
    • Records to Hi-MD (1GB) blanks and normal MD blanks reformatted to 300MB.
    • Provides PC uploading of audio recorded from microphone or line input.
    • Functions as USB data drive (FAT format filesystem).
    • Linear PCM and ATRAC3plus recording at 256 ("Hi-SP") and 64 ("Hi-LP") kbps.
    • Included software: SonicStage 2.1 and SimpleBurner
  • Download or CD copying only (no line/mic inputs)

Markets: Japan



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