Sharp MD-Z10

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Sharp MD-Z10Desktop MD System
Intro: 10/1996
MSRP ¥65,000
Street ¥46,800
in: line. out: line, headphone550x219x309 mm, 6.9Kg

Features: Radio/MD/CD boombox. Direct CD->MD digital dubbing/editing. Normal MD track editing plus "program move", which would appear to allow you to set the track order of up to 20 tracks in one fell swoop. Jog shuttle dial for entering text and editing. Auto-mark function. Stereo/Mono-recording. Titling: 40 character input per song, katakana input. Date and time stamp recording. Program play (up to 20 tracks), random play, all song repeat. 10 AM/FM presets. Record/playback timer, sleep timer. 10cm full range speaker. Remote control included.

Specs: Tuner: AM band: 522-1629KHz, FM band: 76.0-108MHz (world tuner). Amp: 7.5w+7.5w. Power: 36 watts, 100VAC.


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