Sharp MD-F20

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Sharp MD-F202MD/CD/FM/Cass boombox
Intro: 9/1998
IN: line (300mV), optical. OUT: headphone, line (1.8V)520 x 207 x 312mm, 7.8Kg

Features: 2 MD drives, MD1 is play only, MD2 is play/record. Allows easy dubbing/editing from one MD to another, copying name and disc titles as well as audio. One touch recording for CD->MD, MD->MD, Tape->MD, CD->Tape, and MD->TAPE. Timer: 1 on/off per day.

Links: Sharp's Japanese page for the unit. Sharp's other Japanese page for the unit.

Specs: Tuner: FM: 76-108MHz, AM: 522-1629KHz, Freq. resp: 20-20kHz (+1/-3dB).


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