Sharp MD-X7

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Sharp MD-X7Double MD bookshelf system
Intro: 11/1998
MSRP ¥95,000
IN: line, optical. OUT: line, headphone, speaker250 x 340 x 317mm, 9kg

Features: 3CD/2MD/Cassette/AM/FM (world band) Bookshelf system. One MD drive is play only, the other rec/play. MDs audio can be copied (analog link) from one disc to another, track names are copied siimultaneously. "All disc play" mode will play all 5 discs (2 MDs and 3 CDs). Synchro start recording (digital and analog). Timer recording and sleep/wakeup playback.

Links: Sharp's Japanese announcement and page for the unit.

Specs: Amp: 50+50w (EIAJ).


User Manual: MD-X7

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