Sharp MD-X5

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Sharp MD-X5Bookshelf CD/MD/AM/FM system
Intro: 7/1997
MSRP ¥65,000
IN: optical, coax, line, phono (mm), mic. OUT: line, headphones, speakers150x241x307mm 4.2kg

Features: Jog Control for MD/CD Track Access and Titling. Sound synchro recording. Sampling rate converter. World band FM tuner (with RDS EON). SRS 3-D surround sound. Remote. Amp: 12.5W+12.5W (EIAJ) MD to MD [analog] dubbing from Sharp portables (SS70 or ST60, etc.), allows audio and titles to be copied at the same time (requires special MD-to-MD cable, for SS70/ST70: AD-M4AC, for SS301/302: AD-M5AC). Standard PC keyboard plug-in connection, for easy Mindisc titling using a PS/2-type computer keyboard (see page 28 of the manual). Can record music available on the Internet using an optional PCMCIA digital sound card available from Sharp (Part# AD-AJ2).

Notes: Contrary to Sharp's Japanese Product announcement, the unit (or US version at least) does not provide microphone input or "Mic Mixing" that lets users combine microphone audio input with a CD and record it onto an MD.

Links: Sharp's English page for the unit. Sharp Japan press release in English. Michael Goolsby's MD Page has a review of the Sharp MD-X5 bookshelf system.


User Manual: MD-X5

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