Sharp MD-SS321/SS322/SS421

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Sharp MD-SS321
Sharp MD-SS322
Sharp MD-SS421
Portable MD players
Intro: 3/1999
MSRP ¥35,000 ¥37,000 ¥39,000
OUT: headphone, DC IN: 3.4-5.0V85.5 x 18.5 x 76.2mm, 170g

Features: Slot-in MD players (units differ cosmetically) with 40 second shock memory. Body is aluminum and diecast one piece construction ("monocoque"), improving strength and impact resistance. Unit is 12% thinner and 18% less volume than previous MD-SS311 model. Backlit remote with "W" shuttle buttons. Units may be connected to Sharp MD decks for analog MD duplication that also transfers disc and track names. When connected to AC adapter, will charge and operate simultaneously. Play modes: random, repeat (1, all, random).

Links: Sharp's Japanese announcement and page for the unit (showing an animation of the remote and slot in loading).

Specs: Headphone amp: 5mW+5mW


Battery LifePlayRecharge
19 hr3.5 hr
AA x 112 hr
Both31 hr

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