Sharp MD-SS311/SS312

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Sharp MD-SS311
Sharp MD-SS312
Portable MD players
Intro: 8/1998 (? guess)
MSRP ¥38,000/¥40,000
out: headphone (5mW+5mW), DC in: 4.5/5.0v87.5 x 20.9 x 80.5, 180g (188g w/batt)

Features: Slot in MD player with 40 second shock memory. Diecast aluminum case, 2.5 times stronger than the previous model. SS312 has special "W Shuttle" remote with small jog/shuttle dials and built in watch and alarm clock. Both unit's remotes are backlit. The W shuttle Remote will be released separately as the AD-S31RM in April (¥7,500), as will the Car Mounting Unit AD-S31CU (¥3,000). Playback times: AD-31BT LiIon: 10.5 hr, AAx1: 6.5 hr, both: 17 hr. Recharge time: 3.5 hr. MD-SS311 available in Blue, Silver and Yellow, MD-SS312 available in Blue and Grey.

Links: Sharp's Japanese page and news release that includes an animation of the slot-in loading and the 312's fancy remote. Nic Boyde's pages for the unit and his translation of the Sharp press release


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