Sharp MD-R2


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Sharp MD-R2MD Deck
Intro: 9/1998 (? guess)
US: MSRP $599, Europe: US$299
In: optical, coax, line. Out: optical, line, hdphn.430x93x302mm, 3.6Kg

Features: Sharp ATRAC 5.0, 20 bit wide bit processing. Date and time stamp recording. Timer activated recording using internal clock. Sampling rate converter. Synchro recording. 1-bit A/D D/A converter. ``Program Move'' function will move a selected set of tracks in one fell swoop. Mono recording from digital and analog sources. No edit rehearsal function.


Specs: Freq response: 4-20KHz, S/N: > 100dB, Dynamic Range: 93dB, Wow: < 0.001%W peak.


User Manual: MD-R2

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