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Kenwood DM-F70
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Sharp MD-R1
Home MD Deck
Intro: 12/1995
MSRP ¥63,000 Street $400
In: line, mic, optical coax. Out: optical, line, hdphn.Orig: 270 x 124 x 335mm 3.0Kg, MKII: 270 x 93 x 311mm, 3.1Kg

Features: Sampling rate converter. Synchro recording (start recording when audio appears at input). Title search. Built in wall clock based timer for recording and playback.

Variants: Smaller (93mm wide) Sharp MD-R1MKII supercedes original unit. Upgrade apparently includes 24-bit ATRAC (and 20-bit wide processing LSI?)

Criticism: Sampling rate conversion is a very convenient feature. It will be a must for MD decks before long. But be careful to check the performance. I found the specs of Sharp's sampling rate converter in IEEE trans. on consumer electronics. They are .. S/N 90dB, Distortion 0.005% (1kHz) That's about 14-bit accuracy. I've not yet checked the sound quality myself, but I'm afraid that it will affect the sound quality of low level music [when sampling rate conversion is used]. -Takeshi SASAKI



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