Panasonic CQ-MR505

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All, CQ-VX5500D, VX7700D, MR505, MR303, MRX777

Panasonic CQ-MR505car MD receiver
Intro: 1
319UKP (list)
RCA pre-out (x2), sub outDIN

Features: Display and scrolling of MD titles and CD Text, Disk and track scan, random play, S+HDB (Super High Definition Bass), RDS tuner, blue dot-matrix display with 3-stage dimmer, level meters, antenna relay contol, cellphone mute, removeable faceplate, wireless remote control.

Links: Edworthys UK has a page selling the unit.

Specs: Maximum power 4x45W, 24 presets (18FM + 6 MW/LW).


User Manual: CQ-MR505

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