Kenwood MDX-E7

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Kenwood MDX-E7Personal stereo system
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥70,000
in: line, out: line570x219x296mm, 8kg

Features: Second generation ``Rampage'' boombox. 1MD + 3CD changer. MD section has 20bit D/A and A/D. CD section has 20bit D/A. World band FM tuner. Date and time stamp recording. One touch edit. Best hits recording/playback. 4 stage bass boost. MDX-E7LTD version can be used with the keyboard cyber titler.

Links: Kenwood's Japanese page for this product. Cosmo's announcement of this product.

Specs: S/N: >96dB Amp: 10W+10W. Speakers: 3.5cm tweeter, 10cm woofer (LTD edition has different woofer and bigger woofer magnet.)


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