Kenwood MDX-A7

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Kenwood MDX-A7Desktop MD System
Intro: 3/1997
MSRP ¥75,000
in: line, mic. out: headphone540x195x280 mm, 6.9Kg

Features: 3-CD changer, MD recording functions: blank search, auto-marker, synchro-recording "best hit"-recording, one-touch edit recording (while listening to CD, one button press will return to the beginning of the track and record that track to MD). Up to 80 characters per track can be titled. Date and time stamp recording. Katakana input. CD functions: program play, dj-seamless, dj-loop, dj-pointer. AM/FM presets for 30 stations. Timer functions: alarm (wakeup) with snooze function, timer recording/playback, sleep. Speaker: 8cm full range. Remote control included.

Specs: Bitstream A/D converter, 20-20kHz +/- 3dB, S/N (playback) over 85dB. Tuner: AM band: 531-1629KHz, FM band: 76.0-108MHz (world tuner). Amp: 7.5w+7.5w. Power: 37 watts, 100VAC.

Links: Kenwood's Japanese Page for this unit. KNG sells this unit.


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