Kenwood DMC-F5R

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Denon DMP-R50
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Denon DMP-R50
Kenwood DMC-F5R
portable recorder
Intro: 12/1995
msrp: ¥49,000
in: optical/line, mic. out: hdphn.109.2 x 30.5 x 81.3 mm, 275g w/batt.

Features: Sharp ATRAC 3. "slot-in" (non-clamshell) disc insert/eject [easier to manage when you're on the go], stereo/mono recording, track move/ divide/ combine/ erase, random play, sound-synchro recording [starts recording when audio appears on the input, automatically truncates between track silence exceeding 4 seconds], auto marker, remote on headphone cord (volume, track select/position, stop/ pause/ play, bass boost), katakana/roman alphabet input/display. Line out uses the headphone connector. Unit available in black or silver. Comes with: headphones, remote control, lithium ion rechargeable battery, AC adapter, analog line cord, carrying case. Playback time 4.5 hours, recording 3.5. Recording time about 12 hours with separately available battery case (AD-MS10BC)

Comparison: with Sony MZ-R3 (showing features unique to each): Sharp MD-MS100 Defeatable beep sound. Ability to change recording level whilst recording. Standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Loud!! Uses 5V adapter. Combined headphone/line-out jack (though output impedance is adjusted to match the load). Calibrated level meter in dB. Suppl. acessories: headphones, rechargeable Lithium battery, power adapter, analog cable, carrying bag, remote control. Sony MZ-R3 Date/time stamps on recordings. Automatic gain control. Uses 4.5V adapter. Separate outputs for headphone and line-out. Suppl. acessories: headphones, power adapter, analog cable, carrying bag, remote control.

Problems: Japanese domestic units have trouble charging on North American 120VAC house current.

Links: Sharp press release. Sharp Japan Spec sheet (in English). Sharp Japan page for this unit, including a cute animation of the "Slot-in" design.


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