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Sharp MD-MS200
Denon DMP-R70
Kenwood DMC-G7R
Pioneer PMD-R2
portable recorder
Intro: 1/1997
msrp:¥48,000, street: ¥32,800
IN: line/optical, mic (w/plug in power). out: common jack for headphone (10mW+10mW @16ohm) / line (50Kohm)109.2 X 29.8 X 81.3 mm, 275g (incl. rechargeable)

Features: Sharp ATRAC 4. Slot in design. Digital and Mic Synchro start recording (has Hi/Lo selector for mic synchro start threshold), Double speed playback, Time Auto Mark function (track mark at 3, 5 or 10 min. interval), Auto time stamping, Sample rate converter, Stereo/mono recording. Autoplay on disc insertion. With car adapter, resumes from start of song when car is started. Manually adjustable gain level can be changed during recording. Up to 100 characters per track and disc title may be entered, totaling up to 1700 characters per disc. Defeatable beep (hold bass boost button). "Moji Stamp" feature copies title and song names of one MD onto another, as follows: after dubbing MD->MD (analog, or digitally if permitted), original disc is placed in the MS200 to read and store the name data, duplicated disc is subsequently inserted and the stored names written to it from the MS200's memory. Industry's longest continuous recording time, on rechargeable (AD-MS10BT) (as of intro date). Ext power: AC adapter:5.0v, Dry cell case: 6.0v, Car adapter: 4.5v. The MS200 comes with one lithium ion battery and a LCD-less remote control (AD-MS20RM). Dry Cell case (AD-MS10BC) and LCD remote control sold separately (both AD-ST60RM and AD-SS70RM can be used). Pioneer and Kenwood models come with LCD remote that includes a ``play mode'' button setting Random, Repeat and Repeat 1.

Little known modes: P-save mode, stores less music in the shock-proof memory. To toggle it on/off, hold the ``Display'' button for 2 seconds when the unit is stopped. A-play mode, automatically goes into play mode when a disc is inserted. Hold the ``Mode/Ins'' button for 2 seconds when the unit is stopped.

Note: No AGC (automatic gain control) recording. The battery life is 9.5h (PB) when "auto Power Save" mode is ON. In this mode, the memory saves only 5 sec of data. If you turn OFF this "auto Power Save" mode, the memory saves 10 sec of data (which is the ordinary amount for other portables), and the battery life gets 20% shorter (==7.6h), according to the manual.

Mis-features: No "remaining track time" display.

Problems: Japanese domestic units have trouble charging on North American 120VAC house current.

Parts: Unit's DAC chip reported to be made by AKM semiconductor.

Links: Sharp's comprehensive summary page. A scan of all its surfaces. Conrad Sanderson's Sharp MS200 pages (and a subpage). The German Stereo magazine and a user compare the MZ-R30 and the Sharp MD-MS200. Emanuel Borsboom has a table comparing the Sony MZ-R30 and Sharp MD-MS200. Steven Smith has done a little bench testing of the unit. MiniDiscussion has collected user reviews for this unit.


User Manual: MD-MS200

Service Manual: MD-MS200

Battery LifePlayRecordRecharge
LiIon AD-MS10BT9.5 hr7 hr3 hr
AA x 6
Both35 hr25 hr

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