Aiwa AM-F1

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Aiwa AM-F1portable recorder
Intro: 12/1993 (? est.)
in: optical/line, mic. out: optical/line/hdphn/remote.85x105x30

Features: ATRAC 2. Double speed playback, mono recording, back lit display, illuminated buttons, many index modes. Play modes: repeat 1, all, shuffle, random. Volume control on unit is digital, on remote is dial. "DSL" bass boost (3 levels). Editing: combine, divide, renumber, erase, erase all. Editing example: 1) Position unit to required point or track. 2) Select "edit", then toggle with "edit" to select function. To move use |<< or >>| to change the track number, then enter >>|. Text entry uses volume + and -. Edit positioning to within 1 second acuracy. -20dB Mic atten switch. Playback time: Li 2.5, ext. AA 2.5, both 6.5 hours. Recording: Li 2, ext. AA 2, both 4.5 hours. Dim: 1.5" x 4.5" x 5.5" -Ian Ogilvy


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