Yamaha MD-8


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Yamaha MD-88 track MD recorder
Intro: 1
(see below)484x102x412.3mm, 6.4Kg

Features: ATRAC 3.5 . Records up to 18 minutes of 8 track audio. Also records in 4 track, stereo and mono modes. Fast playback at 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x speed. Editing functions: track copy, track erase, part copy, part erase. Pitch control: +/-12%. Punch I/O, Midi In/Out/Thru.

Links: Yamaha's page for the unit. An additional Yamaha page with more information including close-ups of the front and rear panels. Martin Frischherz's comparison of the Yamaha MD4 and MD8. A ProAudio-Web review of the MD-8. Mark Mattson writes a review for this unit. Charlie Jones finds a colorful MD8 brochure.

Frequency Resp: 20-20kHz +1/-3dB, S/N: 96dB, THD: 0.02% or 0.012% (Yamaha brochures are inconsistent on this point).
Inputs: Mic/Line Ch1,2 (-10 to -50dB, TRS Phone Jack, XLR). Mic/Line Ch3-8 (-10 to -50dB, TRS Phone Jack). Line Ch 9-12 (-10db, Phone Jack). 2TR In L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack).
Outputs: Stereo out L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Monitor out L,R (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Track Direct Out 1-8 (-10dB, RCA Pin Jack). Aux Send 1,2 (-10dB, Phone Jack). Phones (100mW+100mW, Stereo Phone Jack).


User Manual: MD-8

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