Sony MDH-10


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Sony MDH-10SCSI-2 data drive and portable player
Intro: 1
data: half-pitch 50 pin SCSI-2, out: line, hdphn.86x31x131mm, 340g

Features: This is a computer peripheral designed for computer data storage. Uses special MD-Data discs (similar, but not identical to MD-Audio discs). Capacity: 140MB, transfer rate: 150KB/s continuous, 2.5MB/s burst, 320KB internal buffer, average seek < 500ms. LCD display on remote. Includes remote, headphones. Unit will play (but not record) audio MDs.

Links: A user's comments on the device. A Byte article from 1995 covers the MD Data drive. An article from PC World Online -- "Is MiniDisc the next Betamax?" A few notes about the Sony MDH-10 and the Storage Device Wars at MacWorld 95. Sony Deutschland has MDH-10 drivers.


User Manuals: MDH-10, MDH-10

Service Manual: MDH-10

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