Panasonic SJ-MR230

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Panasonic SJ-MR230Portable MDLP recorder w/speakers
Intro: 10/2002
Street: JPY35,000 (est.)
IN: mic, line/optical. OUT: headphones. DC IN: 1.2V (NiMH), 1.5V (AA), 4.5V (AC adaptor)incl. protrusions: pro80.4w x 74.6h x 20.1d mm, excl. protrusions: 78.2w x 71.6h x 17.9d mm, 94g (121g w/batt)

Features: Longest playing MD recorder as of 9/2002. Unit appears to be a non-NetMD little brother to the SJ-MR250 with improved battery life (and reduced 3.0mW headphone power [cf. 3.5mW headphone amp of SJ-MR250]). Includes charging cradle and small, separate titanium cone speakers. 10-key titling keypad in charging cradle for track and disk name input as well as MD editing (group, divide, etc.). One finger LCD remote, adjustable recording level for digital, line and mic inputs. Panasonic's "H.D.E.S" audio compression. Handy "1 track recording" feature that pauses unit after recording one CD track. Auto time-mark recording. Kanji and kana display on LCD remote and main unit (but no Kanji/kana titling is possible). Synchro-recording from audio sources (digital and analog?). 4-step battery charge indicator on main body and remote. S-XBS 2-step bass boost. Intro-scan playback. "Train-mode" feature to cut high frequencies on playback to avoid disturbing others nearby. One-track/all-track repeat, random play modes. Battery can be recharged without needing to be empty first. Available in silver, blue and red.


Included Accessories: LCD remote, AC adapter, stereo "inside-phones", attachable AA cell case, carrying pouch, USB cable, NiMH rechargeable cell, "multi-cradle" with speakers

Specs: Headphone amp: 3mW+3mW, Speaker amp: 900mW+900mW, 100VAC, Freq. Resp. 20-20kHz +0/-8dB


Service Manual: SJ-MR230

Battery Life
NiMH27/35/42 hr13/18/23 hr3.5 hr
AA x 142/59/70 hr 8/13/21 hr
Both77/100/117 hr35/50/62 hr

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