Panasonic SC-SV1

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Photo: (1280x960)
Panasonic SC-SV1Bookshelf AM/FM/CD/NetMD system
Intro: 10/2002
Street: US$720
?main unit:114w x 297h x 128d mm, 1.2Kg
subwoofer: 100w x 301h x 204d mm
speaker: 144w x 297h x 128d mm

Features: AM/FM/CD/NetMD bookshelf system. 4X CD->MD dubbing. Group function. Includes "BeatJam" software for NetMD downloading and track management. Couples with Panasonic "MD Network" components for label printing and [analog] audio copying. Includes speakers and subwoofer.

Nomenclature: SC-SV1 refers to the entire system, SA-SV1 is the main unit.


Specs: Amp: 5W+5W, Subwoofer out: 16W, FM band: 70-90MHz, AM: 522-1629KHz (9kHz step)


User Manual: J

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