Onkyo X-AX7

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Onkyo X-AX7CD/MDLP bookshelf system
Intro: 5/2002
MSRP: ¥83,000
In: linex3, optical. Out: linex2, optical, subwoofer, headphones, speakers. "Processor:" (use with UXW-3.1)155w x 220h x 363dmm, 4.9kg


  • MDLP support
  • 2X CD->MD dubbing
  • Auto max digital recording level setting via peak search function.
  • Two dubbing modes: "Fade" automatically fades out recording when it runs off end of recording media (MD, optional cassette), "Album" automatically deletes partial track recordings.
  • Builtin synchro-start recording function plus optional Onkyo UE-205 USB adapter allows easy (albeit realtime) downloading from PC
  • 7-band equalizer
  • Digital recording level control
  • Titling remote
  • 30 tuner presets
  • 2-way bass reflex speakers
  • Continuous CD/MD/CD/.. repeating playback function
  • Timer recording, wakeup, sleep function
  • Provisions for handling 5.1ch sound


Specs: World-band FM section, Amp: 25W+25W into 4 ohms (EIAJ), 2-way bass reflex speakers, 2.5cm soft-dome tweeter, 12cm woofer, 7khz crossover.


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