Kenwood XT-5MD

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All, HM-782MD, 382MD, 381MD, BR-2001/IT-2001, SH-7CDR, 5MD, 3MD, XT-5MD, 7MD, VH-7MD, XD-980MD, 9581MD, 981MD, SG-7MD, HM-383MD, XD-9580MD, SG-3MD, XM-7MD

Kenwood XT-5MDBookshelf MD system
Intro: 1
MSRP ¥140,000

Features: One 3CD changer and two 3MD changers allow 3MD to 3MD dubbing, 3CD to 3MD dubbing, plus unusual "twin dubbing" copying one CD to two MDs simultaneously. In MD to MD dubbing, titles are copied as well. Seamless recording from tuner to 6MDs for 7h20m stereo or 14h40m mono. 4 color GUI based editing display. Kanji titling possible with optional CT-H90 Cybertitler.

Links: Kenwood's Japanese info for the unit.

Specs: Amp: 70W+70W (EIAJ 6 Ohms), CD: 1 bit D/A, S/N > 96dB. World tuner: FM: 76-108MHz, AM: 531-1629kHz


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