Denon D-M5

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All, D-XS11/XW33, A03, M05, M5, M3

Denon D-M5MD bookshelf system
Intro: 6/1999
IN: 3 (type??)
OUT: optical, analog, headphones, subwoofer
210W x 146H x 381D mm

Features: Connectable to the Denon DMD-M10 for MD capability. 3 disc auto CD changer, RDS Radio Data System, AM/FM stereo tuner, Super Dynamic Bass, 4 mode Preset EQ, Clock timer, Mission MS-5 two way bookshelf speakers with high compliance woofer, tuned port enclosure, soft dome tweeter.

Links: Denon's rather sparse page for this unit. Denon's Japanese website has further information (in English) plus a downloadable PDF file outlining the features of this unit.

Specs: 30W+30W output (at 6 ohms). 8 times oversampling digital filter.


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