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4/8:Clint Mers develops SimplerMD, a Windows program that scripts together Sony's SimpleBurner and Nero to provide one-shot downloading of a full MD's worth of MP3 audio. Discussion/Support
4/7:Michael Hall finds the entry level Sony MZ-R501 (non-NetMD) portable MD recorder for CDN$150 at SonyStyle Canada until April 21.
When you've got the hang of Hangul: MDMan (Korea) points out Yewon, Korea's hottest Minidisc repair shop.
4/6:Back to Baghdad (and Minidisc): Scott Lynch finds an AP Photo of a Minidisc Iraqi fighters claim to have taken from a U.S. tank.
Trevor Bommersbach points out an Impress Watch (Japan) page covering Kenwood MDU-PC NetMD drives (mech. trans.) found in Japanese electronics surplus shops. Suitable for mounting in 5" drive bays, the units are being sold with no accompanying driver softare for ¥5800 (~US$50).
Minidisc T-Station is having a graphic design contest entitled "Ride the Waves with Minidisc" (discussion thread).
The uploaders find their home at the bottom of the accessories browser.