The main MD Mailing List (MD-L)

The MD-L mailing list was originally set up in 1993 on It moved to its current home in August 1997, from where it is maintained by Nick Perry ([email protected])

The MiniDisc Mailing List Archives

The archives of the MD-L are accessible via the web or ftp ( and cover all messages sent to the list, in its various incarnations, since 1993.

Please Read the MiniDisc Mailing List FAQ

  • Joining the List

  • List policies

  • What is the list digest?

      Digests are a common feature of Internet mailing lists. They are an alternative to the 'regular' or 'non-digest' form of a list. The main difference is that instead of each message sent via the list arriving on your computer separately, throughout the day, several messages (the number is determined by the list owner) are grouped together into one large message which is then delivered to your computer at less frequent intervals. Although this not reduce the total size of the mail you will receive by very much, it does mean you will effectively receive fewer 'emails'. This can be handy if you pay for each email you receive, or if you prefer not to have a constant flow of emails arriving throughout the day.

    1. Does the digest contain different messages to the 'regular list'?

      No, all messages sent to the list address go out to both the regular list members and digest list members, so you need not be a member of both types of list.

    2. How do I join the digest list?

      First you must determine which of the two digest list to join. The digests can be sent to you in either MIME or non-MIME format. Newer mail software can take advantage of the MIME format for digest that allow 'multipart' digests to be 'expanded' into individual messages on the computer, so the messages look just as if they were sent via the regular (non-digest) list on screen, but were only sent as one 'email', thus reducing network traffic.

      The non-MIME digests are sent out in a simpler format, which all email packages can understand. 'Digest expansion' extensions and software are also available that give non-MIME users some of the feature available to their MIME counterparts.

      MIME digests are the preferred type, if your mail software can cope. If you are unsure which to use, try the MIME digest, and if the first MIME digest you receive is unsuitable or causes problems for your software, switch to the non-MIME digest.

      Once you have determined which type of digest is best suited to your set-up, send an email to one of the following addresses:

      for the MIME and non-MIME digests respectively. In either case the body of your message should contain just one word:


      Remove any 'signature' appended to your message before sending it. The subject of your message is ignored.

      Some time later you should either receive further instructions which must be followed to complete the subscription, or confirmation that you have been accepted.

      Once complete, you should unsubscribe from any 'regular' or non-digest version of the same list you may belong to.

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