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Error messages Meaning Remedy
BATT EMPTY The battery has run down. Charge the rechargeable battery or replace the alkaline batteries (or use the AC adaptor for power).
BLANK DISC Nothing is recorded. Replace the disc with a recorded disc.
Can't COPY No copy can be made because of the SCMS copyright system. Record using the analog cable.
Can't EDIT A track cannot be edited. Change the stop position of the track and then try editing it.
Can't REC Recording cannot be performed correctly due to vibration or shock in the unit. Re-record or replace it with another recordable disc.
Can't WRITE Editing is impossible. Check the number of tracks.
DEFECT The disc is scratched. If the sound you hear is not correct, try recording again.
Replace the disc with another recordable disc.
Din UNLOCK Poor connection of the digital cable. Connect the digital cable securely.
DISC ERROR The disc is damaged. Reload the disc or replace it.
DISC FULL The disc is out of recording space. Replace it with another recordable disc.
HOLD The unit is in the safety mode. Return the HOLD switch to its original position.
The EJECT lever was moved during recording or editing. Turn off the power and remove the MiniDisc.
NO DISC A disc has not been loaded. Load a disc.
The disc is write protected Move the write protection knob back to its original position.
You tried to record on a playback-only disc. Replace it with a recordable disc.
POWER ? Improper power is being supplied. Use one of the specified power sources.
SORRY Since a track number is currently being located or written to, the unit cannot accept your command. Wait and then try the operation again.
SYSTEM ERR The unit is malfunctioning and will require service. For service, contact your local Sharp authorized service center.
TEMP OVER The temperature is too high. Turn off the power, and wait for the unit to cool.
TOC ERROR A large portion of the disc has been damaged. Replace it with another recorded disc.
TOC FULL There is no space left for recording character information (track names, disc names, etc.). Replace it with another recordable disc.
Tr. Protect The track has been protected from being erased. Edit the track with the device on which it was recorded.
U TOC ERROR A large portion of the disc has been damaged. Replace it with another recorded disc.
There is an error in the recorded signal. Erase all of the signal errors, and then try recording again.
? DISC A disc which contains data other than music was played. A disc which contains non-music cannot be played.
There is an error on the signal from the disc. Replace it with another recorded disc.
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