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MiniDiscs are recorded using a different system than is used for cassette tapes or DAT recordings. Therefore, the following conditions may be encountered, depending on how the disc has been recorded or edited. These are due to system limitations, and should be considered normal.

Even if the maximum recording time of a MiniDisc has not been reached, "DISC FULL" or "TOC FULL" may be displayed. When the number of tracks used reaches the limit, regardless of the remaining recording time, further recording will be impossible. (Maximum number of tracks: 254) If a MiniDisc has been recorded or edited repeatedly or if a MiniDisc has scratches on it, it may not be possible to record the maximum number of tracks on it.
Even if the number of tracks and the recording time have not reached the limit, "DISC FULL" may be displayed. If there are scratches on a disc, the unit will automatically avoid recording in those areas. The recording time will be reduced.
Even if several short tracks are erased, the remaining recording time may not show an increase. When the remaining recording time of a disc is displayed, short tracks less than 8 seconds long may not be included in the total.
Two tracks may not be combined in editing. For MiniDiscs; on which repeated recording and editing operations were performed, the COMBINE function may not work.
The total of the recorded time and time remaining on a disc may not add up to the maximum possible recording time. A cluster (about 2 seconds) is normally the minimum unit of recording. So, even if a track is less than 2 seconds long, it will use about 2 seconds of space on the disc. Therefore, the time actually available for recording may be less than the remaining time displayed. If there are scratches on discs, those sections will be automatically avoided (no recording will be placed in those sections). Therefore, the recording time will be reduced.
When recorded tracks are played back using the cue and review operations, some sounds may be skipped. For MiniDiscs; on which repeated recording and editing were performed, some sounds may be skipped while cueing and reviewing.
While recording, a track number may be created in the middle of a track. If there are scratches or dust on a MiniDisc, the track numbers following that track will be increased by one.
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