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What the editing function can do
You can create original discs using the MD editing function, on which you can change the order of the tracks and you can create disc or track names.

Move (Page 27)
A designated track can be moved to any desired position.
  • The numbers assigned to the tracks following the track which is moved will be adjusted automatically.

Divide (Page 27)
A single track can be divided into two at any desired position.
  • The numbers of the tracks which come after the newly divided track will be automatically increased by one.

Combine (Page 28)
Two consecutive tracks can be combined into one track.
  • The numbers assigned to the tracks following the combined tracks will be decreased by one automatically.

Disc/Track name (Page 28)
Discs and tracks (up to 255 tracks per disc) can be named.
Since track names are displayed when the beginning of each track is located or during playback, you can quickly check the name of each track.
  • Letters (capital letters/lowercase letters), numbers and symbols can be used.

Name/stamp (Page 30)
  • All of the characters and data on a recorded MD (master MD with tracks and character information) can be transferred onto a recordable MD.
Current page: 26