Yamaha MD-4S


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Yamaha MD-4SMiniDisc Multitrack Recorder
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in: Line/mic X 10 (2 X bal 1/4" phone/jack, 6 X unbal 1/4" phone/jack, 2 X XLR), L/R 2-Track input X 1 (RCA/phono X 2), Insert X 2 (RCA/phono). out: Direct track out X 4 (RCA/phono), Stereo out x 2 (RCA/phono), Mo nitor out x 2 (RCA/phono), Aux Send x 2 (1/4" phone/jack). MIDI: in, out, thru413(w) x 109.5(h) x 388(d) mm; 5.2kg


  • 4 tracks simultaneously record/play on MD-Data disks (up to 37 mins). Also standard stereo (74 min) and mono (148 min) record/play
  • Auto and manual punch in/out accurate to 11.6 ms
  • Pitch control +/- 10%.
  • Balanced phone/jack and XLR inputs plus insert jacks on channels 1&2; Phone/jack inputs on channels 3&4.
  • 3 band EQ, trim, pan, fade, 2 X aux send on all four channels.
  • Unlimited ping-pong in the digital domain, without degredation.

Links: Yamaha Japan's English MD4S page. Yamaha Germany's MD4S page.


User Manual: MD-4S

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