Woodworks DJ Cases and Racks Mini Disc Carrying Case


All, Mini Disc Carrying Case

Woodworks DJ Cases and Racks Mini Disc Carrying CaseMini Disc Carrying Case$70 - $100

Description: Our Mini Disc Cases are available in 3 sizes: MDC-120 & MDC-160 (4 Row) and the MDC-200 (5 Row). They feature a fully foam lined lid to keep mini discs in place.
Woodworks DJ Cases and Racks, 35 Humphrey Road, Buffalo, NY 14207 - Visit our website today at www.djcases.com or Toll Free 1-888-DJCASES (352-2737). On request, they furnished a 5 row case (at the standard price) with custom divider spacings for holding MDs without their sleeves. Such a case will hold ~72MDs per row, or ~360MDs total. -eaw


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