Sony MDCC-2000


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Sony MDCC-2000Minidisc courtroom recorder
Intro: 2/2002
MSRP: US $5996
IN: Canon XLR x 8, Line: 1/8" phone jack x 4, OUT: earphone, Line: 1/8" x 2, PA, ADA jack, 9-pin PC control, Remote Display, DC IN: 12V320 x 280 x 118mm, 4.5kg

Features: Dubbed "MiniDisc Court Confer-Corder". Dual internal MD drives allow nearly 5 hours of uninterrupted testimony to be recorded in 4 channel audio. ATRAC3 codec (using LP4 mode, or similar) records 4 channels for 2h28m on a single MD blank, or 2 channels for 4h56m. (ATRAC IC: CXD-1858R). One-button record, two-button stop (to avoid accidentally stopping the recording). Employs normal MD-audio blanks, though blanks packaged specifically for this machine come boxed with no cellophane wrapping. Machine appears to always append to the end, no overwrite recording is possible. LCD displays Disc Title, Index Name, Recorded Time, etc. Other features: disc titling, independent record signal indicators and channel monitoring, disc copy function. Amercians with Disabilities Act jack, key lock security. PC compatibility with Court Logging Systems. Connects to FS-85 Foot Control (available separately). Contact [email protected] for sales information.

Specs: Frequency response: 50-10Khz


User Manual: Front panel layout / Clock setting instructions

Service Manual: MDCC-2000

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