Sanyo MDC-3300/PH-MD9


All, MDC-3300/PH-MD9, MCD-3100, MD-U4R/U4T

Sanyo PH-MD9
Sanyo MDC-3300
MD/CD/Cass/AM/FM boombox
Intro: 11/2000
open price
IN: analog minijack
OUT: headphones
491(W) x 237(H) x 177(D) mm, 5.5kg
530 x 240 x 190, 5.4Kg (MDC-3300)

Features: MD/CD/Cassette/Tuner boombox. 2X CD-to-MD recording speed, MDLP, One-Touch Edit recording feature, connectable to Sanyo PC Link Kit (PCK-MDG200) for controlling unit from PC desktop and also accessing CDDB info for automatic naming of tracks, bass boost, preset equalizer (Rock/Jazz/Pop/Classical), digital clock with timer function. Builtin microphone (mono only?). Copy CD->MD, CD->Cassette, MD->cassette and cassette->MD

Variants: MDC-3300 appears to be the Euro-badged PH-MD9

Links: Sanyo's Japanese press release for the PH-MD9.

Specs: 76-90MHz FM frequency range. 4W x 2 output, 10cm full range speaker (x2), AC100V.


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