Pioneer PMD-P1


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Sharp MD-SS70
Pioneer PMD-P1
portable player
Intro: 9/1996
msrp: ¥38,000 street: ¥~26,500
out: hdphn.80.5x20.7x116.2mm (3.2x0.8x4.6"), 150g w/bat.

Features: Slot in design. Allows "MD->MD Edit" function (see ST60 above). 3 postion digital bass boost. 4 step battery life indicator. Katakana/roman display. Random play. Auto play function starts playback when disc is inserted. In car (AD-SS70CU [car mount base], AD-CT13 [cassette adapter], AD-CA20X [cigarette lighter power adapter] - all separately sold), resumes play at beginning of last song in play when car is started. Provides 10 hours playback on LiIon rechargeable (AD-MS10BT), 27 hours when coupled with (separately sold) external battery case (AD-SS70BC) carrying six (!) alkaline AA cells. Charge time: 3 hours. Available in silver, blue and grey.

Links: Sharp's English summary page for the SS70. Alan Jaffray's review of the SS70.


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